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Welcome to the new updated site and sorry it took so long

Welcome to the new updated site and sorry it took so long. Many fans have been asking when this was going to happen and now here it is. We will be adding stuff to it as we go along but hope you enjoy the content so far.

I would just like to make a few points on the site.

The pictures on the bottom of the home page are random and will change every time you visit the site.

Photo Gallery:     When you click on a photo gallery give it a few seconds to load so you can view them properly. Most of the albums are connected to Rory Tributes but not all. These photo albums are as much about fans etc as they are about bands and the actual tributes. As you can see there is a Misc/Various album and you can submit pictures for this. Just make sure you put the details of the picture on your email.

Check out "Csilla" and "Blues Photo" on the "Links" page for some more pictures.

Fan's in T-Shirts:   This page contains pictures of fans around the world wearing various Rory t-shirts so why not send one in for publication.

New Venue:       Next year we have a new venue for Cork Rocks. On the 11th and 12th June 2010 we will be holding our event at Cyprus Avenue in the middle of Cork City. It's a fantastic venue and you can check for yourself by looking at the pictures in the photo section marked "Cyprus  Avenue".

We would like to thank Ben Cuddihy and his staff at The Triskel Arts Centre for all his help and support in the past.

Rory Gallagher:    On the drop down menu are a list of all Rory's album's. DVD list will follow. 

On the links page check out Rorysfriends .de for a list of ALL Rory's gigs... Its under "Timetable"

Upcoming Tributes:      Again on the drop down menu is a "Tribute Archive" page and anyone with old posters they would like to see up there just send them in.

Incidentally if anyone there has fixed a date for a Tribute please let us know and we can put the initial details up on the site.

Tickets:       Will go live when details have been finalised for 2010.

Subscribe (e-mail):    Along the bottom of the home page is a green tab with "Subscribe" on it. If you want to be kept updated about stuff happening in Cork or indeed around Europe you can subscribe here and we will keep you informed.

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