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Joe Bonamassa is coming to Cork

Joe Bonamassa is coming to Cork and will be playing The Opera House on Wed  9th Dec 2009.  I personally am so looking forward to this gig, his on stage sound is something else.

Joe is a massive Rory Gallagher fan and on his first CD  called "New Day Yesterday" (taken from a song written by Jethro Tull) and released in 2000 the very first track is "Cradle Rock" written by Rory.  Its funny because the very last track on his latest album "The Ballad of John Henry" released this year 2009 is a song written by Tony Joe White and Rory sang a million times "As the Crow Flies". Joe rocks this track big time and anyone who has not heard it yet should check it on youtube because its well wort a listen as is the whole album.
He was born on May 8th 1977 in New York,  are a three piece power blues/rock band with about nine CD's some DVD's released.  His new DVD "Live at the Albert Hall" is due out in Oct 09.

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