Cork Rocks For Rory
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The Dave McHugh Band Nov & Dec 2008 Gigs
15 Nov 2008 8:37
Dave Mc Hugh together with his band Alan (drums) and Peter (bass) are playing some gigs in Dec and are worth a visit. Dave has own unique style when it comes to the blues. Rory Gallagher features a lot in Dave's set as well as other known legends of the blues.
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Oslo Tribute to Rory
25 Oct 2008 20:13
Tickets will be on sale for Oslo Rory Night 2009 from Monday 27th of October 0900:
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Slumming Angels in Cork
25 Oct 2008 19:49
Slumming Angels from Kildare are three young musicians playing two gigs in Cork over the Jazz Weekend. On Sun 26th Oct you can catch them at 6pm in The Whisky Bar on Union Quay and again at 10.30 at the same venue. The early gig is an opportunity for the younger fans to witness Rory's music live where admission is free.
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